Open Floor Plans

Happiness inspires productivity.

Through the use of wide open meeting spaces furnished to encourage workers to take a break in their day, bring a tablet or laptop Mallory Green has intentionally created bright and vibrant meeting space and collaborative impact areas for people to experience a different work environment, share ideas and experiences and even share a lunch together. With this in mind Mallory Green has been strategic in creating a space to encourage these kind of conversations and interactions to happen.

Floor Plans

Mallory Green Floorplan_ Spec Suite 2,46

2,468 RSF

Second Floor - Spec Suite

Mallory Green Floorplan - 4th  Floor 37,

±37,591 SF

     Fourth Floor

Mallory Green Floorplan - 5th Floor 37,5

±37,598 SF

     Fifth Floor

Floor Plans3.jpg


84 Covered Spaces